Fresh Salmon Tagliolini – traditional Italian recipe (VIDEO)

Hello everybody and welcome back to my kitchen. Today I will show you how to prepare the fresh salmon tagliolini, a simple and quick pasta dish. The ingredients we will need for 4 portions: 500 gr of fresh tagliolini (or 360 gr if you use dried pasta), 500 gr of fresh salmon, 300-350 gr of fresh milk cream, 2 spoonfuls of grated parmesan cheese, 40 gr of brandy, 15 grams of minced shallot, 40 gr of butter, a little branch of dill a spoonful of extravirgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Let’s begin cleaning the salmon. In the meanwhile, we put on the stove a pot of water, which we will use later to cook the pasta. After removing the central fishbone, we remove the skin and the spines, then we reduce the thickness and cut the fish into stripes or cubes. Now we can cook it: we put the butter in a pan, we add a spoonful of oil and the shallot and we let it pan fry at a very low heat. Now we can add the salmon and let it sear, and in the meanwhile we start cooking the pasta. We pour the brandy over the fish. When the brandy has evaporated, we add the cream, then salt and pepper and we let it cook for a couple of minutes. When the pasta is ready, we drain it directly into the pan; we add a ladle of the water from the pasta pot. If we want a pink-coloured sauce, we can add a teaspoon of tomato sauce, then we sprinkle the dill, some salt if necessary and let it pan fry, then we switch off the stove, we add some parmesan, drain and serve the dish. We can also use chives instead of the dill. Finally, we decorate with some dill. This recipe is an alternative to the classical pasta with salmon; if you want, you can use 100-120 gr of smoked salmon instead of the fresh one.

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