Healthy Italian Oven Roasted Potato (Best Oven Roasted Potato Recipe) (VIDEO)

Oven Roasted Potato Recipe

Italian recipe, a healthy oven roasted potato with garlic, jalapeno chili, crushed red pepper, extra virgin olive oil, and sprinkled with salt to taste. It is easy and quick to prepare and is a great side dish addition to your vegetarian / vegan menu. Make it spicy by adding cayenne pepper, fresh green chillies. In this tutorial Marriete demonstrates how to cook this healthy recipe. Serve potatoes side dish at your next BBQ / Barbecue, by fish, kabob, steak. Visit… for ingredients and directions on this recipe and hundreds more.

What you may also need is: Knife, cutting board, Pyrex dish, or roasting pan and utensil to mix.

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