Italian Lamb roast BBQ recipe (VIDEO)

Italian Lamb roast

A great dish in true Italian style.



The roast
Leg of lamb bone out +/- 2 kilo (4 lb)(8 persons)
Juice of half a lime of lemon
Garlic 6 cloves

The sauce
Chopped tomatoes 4 cans 400 gram (4x 14 oz)
Oregano 2 tablespoons
Basil 1 tablespoons
Dragon 1 tablespoon
Pepper and salt


How To:

Step 1: Set your grill to 180 deg Celsius or 350 deg Fahrenheit
Step 2: Take out the bone of your lamb roast
Step 3: Insert the garlic cloves
Step 4: Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Step 5: Sprinkle with lime juice
Step 6: Mix the sauce ingredients
Step 7: Give your roast a little smoke and sear over direct heat.
Step 8: Setup your grill for indirect and place your meat in a roasting tray together with the sauce
Step 9: Let your meat cook while the juices from the lamb at flavour to your sauce
Step 10: Cook until temp reaches about 60 deg Celsius or 140 deg Fahrenheit, for medium.
Step 11: Let the lamb rest for about 20 minutes in the meanwhile cook your tagliatelle
Step 12: Plate up and serve. – Pitmaster X

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