Italian Style Sub Rolls Recipe & Demo (VIDEO)

I have had a number of requests to show me using the Bosch mixer for recipes. So since I was going to make some sub rolls for a steak sandwich dinner I thought I would get Rick and turn on the camera!

This recipe is my stone baked Italian bread recipe that I have published previously on my website. However for this I will re publish it under this name as well for easy reference. The trick here is in the shaping. Most will just roll the dough into a snake and let it rise and call it good. however, in many cases, your end product is thin and dense. The way you form the dough is as important as the way you make the dough.

The technique for forming these rolls is similar to the way French bakers form a baguette loaf. Flattening out, folding and pinching then rolling the dough into itself. When making a baguette, however this will be repeated more than one time in an effort to make a long skinny loaf of bread. In truth the baguette will most likely use a similar, if not smaller amount of dough as these sub rolls.

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So I hope that this will encourage you to try making a batch of your own sub rolls! I hope you give this a try and I hope you love them!

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