Original Spaghetti Carbonara Recipe from Rome, How to Make the Real Authentic Italian Sauce (VIDEO)

Pasta alla Carbonara! There are many modified versions of carbonara around, but if want to try the original Roman Italian version, Chef Tony is happy to show you how to make it. This is the first of several short quick episodes about simple pasta dishes. Some are classics, and others are recipes that have been handed down in Chef Tony’s family. What they have in common is how simple and easy they are to prepare. We chose sauces that can be prepared in under the time it takes to boil your pasta. And if you are going gluten free, as Tony is these days, then you buy yourself even a little more time as gluten free pasta takes a little longer to boil.
We start here with the classic Carbonara, as it is made in it’s original hometown of Rome. Nowadays, around the world, you’ll see differing versions of it that include onion, cream, and other ingredients. Nothing wrong with that, but we want to show you the original recipe, which is actually so simple. In the original recipe, the creamy texture is attained with the egg, without using any heavy dairy cream. The version with cream is more correctly an Italian American invention. But if you want to try the original version, all it is, basically, is eggs, pepper, salt (optional), pecorino or parmigiano-reggiano (parmesan) , and guanciale (pork) or pancetta. We hope you like our new episode. Let us know your thoughts, and what you’d like to see on our show. If you don’t want to miss the other recipes in this series, hit subscribe. Va bene!
Chef Tony Scarpati

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