Potato Gnocchi – Italian Recipe (VIDEO)

Gnocchi is a traditional Italian recipe very easy and simple to make. This is a basic preparation to make potato gnocchi, which can go with many flavored sauces.

Italian Potato Gnocchi Recipe


2 pounds of potatoes (use red or old potatoes that are floury, not waxy)
2 ½ cups of flour
1 egg
salt, to taste

Preparation Instructions:

1. Wash the potatoes and set them to boil in lightly salted water with the skins on. While they’re still hot, peel the potatoes.
2. With the help of a potato masher, mash the potatoes well on a work top. Add the flour and form a hole about halfway down where you’ll put the egg and two generous pinches of salt. Knead the dough together (this is our dough for the gnocchi).
3. Roll out the dough into a snake about an inch thick. With the help of a spatula or a small knife, cut the snake into little pieces to form the gnocchi.
4. With the help of a fork, roll each piece of dough across the prongs, giving slight pressure with your fingers to form the classic ribbed shape of the gnocchi. Now the gnocchi are finished.
5. Boil up a pot of salted water, put the gnocchi in and leave them to cook until they begin to float. Then, drain them well and add your favorite sauce.

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Recipe from GialloZafferano / Youtube

Potato Gnocchi – Italian Recipe (VIDEO)

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